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G4+ EVO - Flat spot on sudden TP movement


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I wonder if some one could help me on this issue? I am experiencing a sudden flat spot while pressing the throttle various times consequently. it seems that the MAP sensor is not constantly responding quick enough. The log attached shows what is happening on the second throttle opening.


Any help is really appreciated.Log 2019-03-7 1;23;09 pm.llg

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MAP is reactive to engine load, just because you put your foot down does not mean the engine is immediately loaded, without seeing your map file I would suggest you work on your Acell fueling, double check the acell load axis is set to TPS.

As you can see in your log the engine is going very lean.



Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 21.15.58.png

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Hi, The log is on idle static however the accel load axis is set up on MAP,  I will have a look and get back to you with an update. Thanks for the help.

P.S. the onboard MAP sensor plumbed individually.

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