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  1. Hi!! Anyone has a base MAP to make a Mitsubishi EVO X? Thank you.
  2. Try searching Voyo A1 mini. Has another port to charge 5v, is 8" and can connect with your link ecu
  3. Thank you for the replay. I Understand that the cyclic idle DON'T work's good with 2 rotors.. Javier
  4. Ok, thank you. I think the problem is that antilag not active, and then...cyclic idle don't activate too. I have amother post with my log and map if you want to download it
  5. oohh, yes, is true... I will try play with gear Cut.. Thank you.
  6. Yes...but, you have to change the gear with 100% of thottle pedal applied..or not?
  7. The first and second is Link G4+, the last is G4.
  8. Impressive numbers. What kind of aem coils do you uses? And...you has instaled with Aem direct fire or..wasted spark? Thank yoy
  9. I am interested too!! I attach my 3 cars with link, EVO IX (pre_cut), Nissan 300zx Z32, (llamas_iguana), Rx7 FD3s (arranque_frio_link). If you can make any change, I will very happy, because I don´t have too pop and bangs. thank you. LLamas_iguana.pclr Arranque_frio_link.pclr Pre_cut.pcl
  10. I think that you need to have pop and bangs is open your thottle around 10% TP with a servo because you need that air pased to the exhaust
  11. Hi!! I have a Rx7 with StreetPort and I have a smooth idle...your problem I think that is the diference of values around the idle rpm.. Try to modificate and put the same value of fuel and Ignition at the idle island..like this: And the fuel table.
  12. Hi!, I have a Mazda RX7 Series 6 with a Link G4+ plugging. I try to Activate cyclic idle and Antilag and the systems don´t activate, I put a Screenshoot. Then, I will accelerate up to 1500rpm and TP of 2% and the system don´t army. I have another LINK G4 + installed in a Nissan 300zx and Mitsubhisi EVO IX and they works with antilag with this settings, I think that is not activate to Rotary engine??? Thank you. I attach my log and my map. link.llg Arranque_frio_link.pclr
  13. Good night, Today I have installed a Link G4+ Pluging ecu in my FD3s, and I try to activate the cyclic Idle and antilag and I can´t it. Cyclic idle is valid for a rotary engine?, anyone has mapped his car? Thank you.
  14. Hi Scott!!! Thank you for the information, today I have modify the map in my EVO setting OFF the VVTi "trig 2" and the error pulses don´t up the counter.. Javier.
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