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Bosch temp/pressure sensor calibration


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On a related note - has anyone had any trouble with the little crimp pins that go into the supplied 5 pin connector? The connector kit I bought has 5 pins in it. I have already ruined one trying to crimp it (with a non-insulated terminal crimping tool), and I can't find where to buy any more pins. 

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Yeah they are not the nicest connectors to work with for sure.  I typically use a 3303 64CT for most of the small sealed terminals.

Where in the world are you?  Research suggests there maybe a couple of other series terminals that are easier to get that will fit these housings - provided they are the bosch ones and not a Chinese copy which could use anything.

Once I know where you are I will see if I can make a suggestion.  

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I've found a couple of resources that suggest the TE MCON 1.2 terminals should fit these, im not 100% confident though.

The most common part numbers that you will find locally at Mouser or Element 14 etc are 7-1452668-1 or 7-1452668-3.  Search those numbers, download a datasheet and measure/compare to yours.

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Ok I just started the car since installing the new Bosch temp/pressure sensor 


temp works perfectly, 

Ecu showing - fault code 32 ANV8 “below error low value”

(Pressure is connected to ANV8)

ANV8 - error low value is 0

seems like whenever it’s reading 0 then the error low value  comes up ?

I will post a log and my tune file if someone could please have a look


once I clear error fault codes error goes away until car is turned off and back on



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