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EGT sensor help


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I have a link g4+ for my mini r53 2003 and I am looking to add an EGT sensor. Is this straight forward to wire in similar to the pressure sensors. Im pretty confident with wiring and setting up. Just need to know if I need any other parts or just the sensor? Im wanting to make a boss that will screw into a lambda sensor hole then the EGT sensor screw into the boss. Thanks 

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There are two common types of EGT sensors.  RTD's - these are a resistance based sensor and in laymans terms work similar to a coolant temp sensor.  RTD's can be connected directly to an Analog temp input.  RTD Pros: Simple connection, no amplifier needed, no special wiring needed.  Cons:  Max temp around 900C, generally slower response than TC's.

The 2nd type is a thermocouple.  Thermocouples only generate a tiny voltage (<50mV at max temp), so for connection to an ecu they need an amplifier to increase that voltage output.  TC Pros: Higher temps (~1200C), can be faster response.  Cons: needs an amp, more wiring (amp needs power etc), special cable and connectors required if TC wire needs to be extended.


A common RTD is AEM 30-2052.

For EGT amps there are many options, Texense THK 1250 is a nice single channel one or there are many less fancy low cost options. 




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