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Lambda Heater Hookup


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I'm not sure what to do with the Lambda heater wire.  I have an Innovate LC-1 that's been working fine for me with my previous system and that system did not call for a specific input into the ECU for the heater wire.  I only connected the signal wire from the LC-1 to the ECU and it worked fine.  


Please advise, can I just hook up the signal wire from LC-1 to the G4+ or do I need to take the heater wire from the LC-1 and hook that up as well?  Not sure why it matters.

Thanks in advance

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Jumping in on an old thread...

I too have noted the Injector 7 O2 sensor heater driver. It would be nice to have the ECU switch the Heater on when the ECU "running"...

Is the ECU capable of switching (to ground)  something like an innovative LC-1 O2 sensor unit, or should it ground out a relay? (or can I set it high to trigger a relay?)

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That's for a Narrowband O2 sensor, which doesn't have a controller.

If you have a habit of sitting with the ignition on and engine off, your best bet is to power the LC-1 via a Relay, which is controlled by the ECU (relay coil has ignition power one side, ECU output the other), so that it only powers up the LC-1 controller after the engine has been running for a few seconds.

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