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Idle Ignition Control Lockouts


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I've just finished chasing my tail a bit, and found that the speed signal used for idle lockout is non driven wheel speed. Is there a reason driven wheel speed is not an option? It would make sense to have the speed lockout working for all cars without a non driven speed source surfaced in the ECU natively?

This was problematic for me, because the sensor I added on the front right must be a little bit dirty, at low or no speeds, it was registering some random speeds, which was causing jerky, erratic idle while the timing used was jumping from ign 1 to idle ignition table.

The sensor was working pretty ok for other functions, but I've had to disable it now because of the influence it has on idle. Spent ages looking for everything else before I found the non driven wheel speed feed.


So, can we get driven wheel speed? Or any other selectable lockout?




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6 hours ago, MagicMike said:

Unless I'm missing something, that is only for E-throttle? Which I don't have.

I don't have any idle air valves, all deleted. I only use idle ignition control for idle. G4+.

it doesn't matter what ISC Mode you use, those are the windows you will find the idle ignition control lockouts as it uses the idle lockouts.

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In G4+ the Idle ign always uses non-driven wheel speed.  G4X it uses what is set up in the idle control menu.  

If you cant fix your wheel speed sensor then the work around would be to use a 4D ign table instead of idle ign, you can then set up whatever lockout conditions you want with a virtual aux to activate the 4D idle table.  



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It is in G4X.  In G4+ it is unlikely to be changed due to it being highly likely to break other functions that use the same block of code and it is not something that has been requested often enough to justify the consequences.  In G4+ cars without a non-driven wheel speed you just assign the same speed source to both driven and non-driven.  

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