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KMS CAN Display on V Series


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I appreciate this may have come up before, but I approached KMS to see if their unit would work with the V Series.

After some emails as below, it appears Link have the CAN files but it doesn't work with the V Series only the I Series...is this correct?

Could a firmware/software update provide the corrected CAN data?

The question was asked some time ago, and it looks as though your unit isn't compatible with the V Series.
Is it possible to talk to Link to see if there is a way to make the unit work with the V Series?
There must be a big market for your kit, as there isn't anything similar at that price...!
Regards, John
On 21 July 2015 at 07:09, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello John


Can you program your own CAN protocol as our display has fixed CAN protocol?

Attached our DBC file


Hello John


Link has our CAN DBC files already. May be you can ask them if they have made implementation in new update/firmware?



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The catch is we just don't have space left in the V series to get any more in.

This is why the I series was produced so we could keep developing.

So the short answer is no we can not add the kms support to the V series.

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Due to the hardware being different the best upgrade path would be to sell on the V series and fit the I Series.

The tune can be transferred over and the wiring is the same so no need to rewire.

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hi, i have V series V44 topboard to suit EVO 8 and also looking for a half decent CAN BUS DIsplay unit other than the $2k units.

can I use either of these on my V44 ?







looking for your recommendation on a display unit to suit V44 CAN-BUS please

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your V44 will be CAN ENABLED if it is from serial number 10 000 on.

If it is lower than this it will require a CAN upgrade.

I can perform CAN UPGRADES if required.

I suggest you look at the DASH PRO that is offered by LINK or the smaller LINK DASH.



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The Upgrade does require hardware changes. As its a Vi-pec Ray Hall might do the mods required (hes now only doing a small amount of ECU work). If not would have to come back to NZ.

Unfortunately the KMS CAN stream was only added to the I series so even with the hardware change isn't supported. 

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ok thanks for the detailed info and prompt reply. can i send in my v44 and it be upgraded or swapped (plus cost) to an I88 model?

otherwise i'd have to sell my v44 and buy an I88 and then copy the tune across etc.

i also want to get digital knock input but cannot locate any digital knock block so i think the i88 includes knock input of the box of the OEM factory knock sensor, is this correct?

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Thanks but don't want to change the ECU version etc and want to be able to move directly to i44 version.

Does the same min 10,000 serial number issue apply for the KMS display unit? I.e. Find an i44 vipec over 10,000 in serial # then I can use KMS DISPLAY out of the box directly.

Also does i44 have native knock support, i.e. From the OEM knock sensor without the seperate knock block?

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Hi support, i had a look on the official vipec site and theres no mention of i44 or i88 plugin to suit Evo lancer.

I can see plugin v44 to suit Evo but no mention of i44 or i88 plugin to suit Evo. So it looks like id have to go for i44 standalone and then boomslang from my current evo car loom to mate to the standalone i44 unit

Is my understanding correct?

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Hi everybody,

just making you all aware I can also carry out the CAN BUS modifications on the LINK and ViPEC series ECU's.

I have done a lot of them now.

Or you can send to Ray Hall or direct to LINK.

Remember this is only required on units with a serial number less than 10 000.



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Thanks david. There's absolutely no way to make the KMS can unit work on my existing v44 top board? Happy to pay for labour to make it work. 

Hi mate,

as Simon has stated it is not a modification issue with the V series it is due to the newer processor used in the i SERIES and G4+ that allows for this to work.

I have done a lot of MoTeC SDL, ADL and CDL dashes with V SERIES with CAN BUS.

Now these DASHES are cheaper and showing up second hand for sale , due to the release of the new C SERIES MoTeC dashes.

There is also the DASH 2 PRO option sold by LINKRaceTech_DASH_2_PRO.thumb.jpg.8699b8a058

These are very well priced and a nice unit.




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Can you please confirm a few things please before i embark on this journey.

I plan to purchase ->http://shop.rpw.com.au/online-store/products-by-vehicle-manufacturer-2/mitsubishi/mitsubishi-lancer-awd-turbo/mitsubishi-evolution-lancer-turbo-evo-4-6/efi-products-6/link-g4-plug-in-mitsubishi-evo-4-8-and-gsr-detail.html


  1. Is that the correct model with CAN-BUS enabled
  2. Is the physical plug on the ECU identical to the existing V44 topboard plug or do i have to "guess" whats changed on the wiring loom / plug side. I.e. Can I safely unplug v44 topboard, plug in G4 plug in and its safe to key on after loading my tune and checking basic sensors or have there been pinout changes on the Link G4 vs the V44 topboard ? i.e. I am using various existing DI's - do these matter?
  3. Can I directly load my existing V44 topboard tune file onto this ECU model?
  4. Will the KMS display unit work with this model, without having to send it away or any other "upgrades"
  5. What parameters from my logging are sent via CAN-BUS to the KMS Display unit? How do I configure which parameters are sent? Is it in the software ie, VTS or does the CAN-BUS just broadcast every loggable parameter and the KMS unit will pick up whatever it finds and display it?
  6. Does this version of Link re-use the existing factory OEM knock sensor


Thanks for your help


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1: Yes that is the correct model (current G4+)

2: Identical plugs and pinout just check that you do have the EVO 4-8 plug and not the later EVO 9 plug as some 8 models had the later ECU.

3: Yes once you have the new ECU powered up and connected you can then open / load the V44 map straight in. As the new ecu has more I/O you will need to check the configuration of this.

4: Yes, To make for an easy connection you would be best to get a CANPCB and a CANF to allow easy wiring to the dash.

5: The 'Transmit KMS CAN Display' Mode will send out the following parameters to the display.


Engine Speed

Oil Pressure




CAN TC Cyl 1

CAN TC Cyl 2


Batt Voltage


Inj Actual PW

Lambda 1

Lambda 2

Ign Angle

Injector PW (Sec)







6: Yes factory knock sensor can be used.

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