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G4+ Thunder Logging


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Plus one. Really hoping to have more logging channels. You can run out of logging parameter quite easy, if you use many table intensive function like individual knock control, GP limits. 

Besides, if activating GP and other limits  will show an error in the log file, it would save some logging channel. I had to set a internal logging parameter for each Limit to find out what was cuting the rpm. 

( fuel pressure and oil presser fall below limit on last car, during hard transition) 

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If it's an immovable hardware limitation, maybe some smarts with PClink could work around it to some extent.

By which I mean, if you use those 25 parameters to log the main inputs and ouputs, (The bits that create the data, rather than currently logging items that are the mathematical result of these variables + equations) 

If you logged all of those "primary" values, then PC link could extrapolate the rest by using the same maths that the ECU does to figure out injector dead time, injector pulse width, etc etc that you now dont need to waste a datalogging channel on to find the info.

With 25 variables logged you could end up with say 100 accurate parameters. But perhaps it would be a fair bit of overhaul for PClink to be able to do the maths in that way.


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