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G4 Atom II Internal MAP connection?


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I have just bought two G4+ Atom ECU's and the "G4 Wiring and Installation Manual" says this:

"Storm ,Atom, Lightning and RX ECUs have an internal MAP sensor. If a higher pressure is required than that of the internal MAP sensor, an external MAP sensor can be wired to an Analogue Volt input. To use the internal MAP sensor connect the MAP pressure hose to the barbed fitting on the ECUs end plate."

Problem is there is no 'barbed fitting' on the ECU's end plate!  What gives????



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Can you post a pic of the ecu? 

Sorry, Haven't got time for that at the moment as we are about to go out to my wife's Xmas do, but it is the same as the one that is advertised on this link:


Part # G4+A (All black with yellow Atom emblem)


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The only G4+ wire in with internal map is the new Monsoon.

All the others require and external one.

The Lighting, and RX units were G4 only units so thing the wiring manual you are looking at is for the earlier G4 units.

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