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DBW G4 Storm


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Although it would be possible to do this, it would be much easier to invest in an ecu that can do it natively.  The trouble with piggy backing the OEM ecu is keeping the original ECU happy and error free once you have taken ignition and injection control away from it.  I have never done it myself but I can foresee many hours of trail and error will be involved and unless you have all the right test gear and experience it will probably end up in tears.

There used to be a external Ethrottle module availible to allow the G4 Strom to do ethrottle directly but those are obsolete now.  If you found one of those it would make things easier - Dealer Brad Burnett mentioned he had some in this thread a couple of days ago: http://forums.linkecu.com/index.php?/topic/6493-sti-v4-plugin-and-e-throttle/&do=findComment&comment=46454

The other options would be convert to a cable throttle or an standalone DBW controller such as:



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