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Pot Tuning Box

Grant Baker

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Another one from another brand of ECU that I find useful (Omex / DTA)...

An external box that plugs into the Laptop that allows you to alter fuel / ignition in the cells you are currently in, then "enter" them into the map. So you can quickly turn a knob to get the fuel and timing how you want it very very quickly.


Great thing about this is that you can assign the knobs to various parameters, like fuel, ignition, boost, injection timing etc etc.

Who else thinks this would be a great tool for tuning the Link?

Cheers, Grant

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3 hours ago, CamB said:

I wondered if something like this would work if set to do page up / page down (or Q / A):


Or perhaps one with better reviews (!)

That's pretty cool, been looking for something to use to scroll through different tabs on the pclink dash...

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I've been thinking about making something like this using arduino / canbus. 

As I've got an interesting situation when trying to tune intake cam angle on a VVTI engine for best fuel economy.

When using MAP as a load source, when in steady state, when I advance the cam. The map sensor reading goes up.
Because when there is cam overlap the exhaust gas pulls back through to the inlet and raises pressure.
So in response, the ECU pulls timing and adds fuel. So I have to readjust these with every adjustment to cam timing so its very finnicky to try find best setting.

Also since EGR gas is being internally introduced, indicated AFR may need to change as there is some non oxygenated air present and you'll misfire if you've got a goal AFR already on the lean side of stoich. (Which this leaner setting may be best when no EGR gas is involved with low overlap) Also when there's EGR you need to add more ignition timing.

Having a box of trim pots would help speed up optimizing this immensely as I've got 3-4 variables that I need to adjust at once.

Tuning for best economy is a lot more challenging than just for max power in each cell! 

If there was an off the shelf option I'd be keen on it.

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42 minutes ago, Grant Baker said:

So you could assign to PageUp / PageDn.

Only downside is you can't do fuel and ignition together.

Yes, but you can use a lever switch to switch betweem F (fuel table) and I (ignition table)

Besides I use always multiplication operation to adjust fuel. If you tune for  lambda 1 and measurement is 0.98, just do *1.02 and you get your target very quick. Personaly i think this works much easier and as fast as a turn (volume) knob. 

And to do ignition tuning in steady state I add usually 2 to 5 deg at once. This way it is easier to see a change in torque if you are near MBT. 

So I'm not sure how usfull such a tuning box really is.  




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