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Gti-R Base Map G4+


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If nobody else comes up with anything useful after a day or 2 then I think I know this model well enough to knock up a basic starting point. Basically, I would start with our S13 or S14 map, change the ignition set up to suit the distributor and change the fuel map to TP to suit the ITB's.

@Ducie54 may also be some help.

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Thanks Adam, I did have similar idea working off the s13, being Quad TB i feel may be small challenge. IAT is located After TMIC back side of plenium, before 1st TBI. Hope this will suit.

Ducie54, i have emailed you, any base on g4 can give certainly me indications.

I appreciate both your help guys.




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Hi guys,

Ive got it started but I cannot change the values in trigger calibrate, When selecting " set base timing" . Also I have put Pin 16 (gtir MAF sensor Signal) into position pin 15 for AN Temp 2. Fair to assume its fine?. so far it is.




change values.jpg

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I was doing rather well I thought up until now.

Used S15 94 -02 jumpers on ecu G4 + then started on s15 base tune, set distributor , set triggers, calibrated base timing and was idling fine, I installed 1000cc injectors and used the resistor delete and set main Fuel to 45 percent  (6MS) to match similar to the 444cc I removed.

Started idled almost identical, was rather surprised. Then I changed the IAT sensor type to Delphi, (which it is)  after about 40 seconds it decide to die. haven't been able to get started since.

Tested injectors, tested changing IAT back, have fuel, No errors or codes bar the oxy sensor . Unfortunately hadn't set up a log.

If anybody has the chance to browse over much appreciate. thanks


GTi-R Base Tune 3.pclr

Log GTIR BASE 3 2018-02-19 9;17;04 pm.llg

Log GTIR BASE 3 2 trys.llg

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Maybe an obvious reason in my config also attatched a log trying to start it
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Master originally was 14ms and I did drop 1ms until It idled at 6ms ok which was my math also of 444cc  . I will try 10ms. Also I will check the plugs, I wouldn' have they would be to wet to fire however that may simply be the case. 

Thanks guys

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Your battery voltage is only 9v while cranking.

You have over 5ms of injection pulse while trying to crank, on 1000cc's I would expect that to be closer to 2-3ms almost certainly flooded the engine while having too much fuel and limited spark.

Are you sure your injector dead times are correct for them new injectors ?

Sort your battery voltage out and check the dead-times, remove the fuel pump relay, turn the engine over and adjust the master fuel until the pulse is around 2.5ms and go from there.

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Ok guys check this filthy log out.

Its bad I know. then after that escapade of sputtering. It turns out a loose wire on in the loom. Tried 10ms as a starting point last night. Was to rich. I moved loom and ecu and it fired.  Something that's loose wont allow spark. maybe power transistor? (ignition amplifier).

I manipulated loom until I could start car. Master Fuel run idled better at 7ms . 4ms lowest on master was too low. 

Log 2018-02-21 20;24;35 pm.llg

went to start 20;08 pm.llg

Well i spent hours going over loom. All grounds are fine. Everything had continuity . I suspect its a pin or break in wire when on slight angle. This is going to be a fun one tracking it down. I'll update as soon as I know.

Thanks guys for your help. .

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