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r33 gtr oil temperature enable


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Hi All

I have a Gaugeart box hooked up to an LCD to show data from my ECU for my r33 GTR

I have managed to get most sensors setup and working but for some reason I cannot get oil temperature to display, I am not sure if I need to enable it somewhere in the ECU or if it is enabled by default, since the r33 gtr comes with an analog display oil temp sensor originally installed in the dash

I have an oil pressure sensor hooked up which is working fine.

Have attached a copy of my PCLR

Thanks in advance


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On 29/03/2018 at 5:01 AM, Adamw said:

The oil temp sensor in a GTR is not connected to the ECU at all, it is only used to signal the dashboard gauge only.

Ahh ok

So would I need a replacement sender installed ?

I think I must have one because I think at one point it was working

I think possibly it might be this one


Because when I had the camp 2 installed it definitely showed oil temperature


Just an update, my engine builder said he think he put a defi sender in there, so what settings would I need for that please

thanks in advance

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You will first need to confirm if the sender has been wired back to the ECU and if it has what Volt input it is on.

You can then set up a cal for that AN volt channel. You will need to know the Voltage to pressure values for a couple of points in the senders range.

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