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Celica st205 G4+ injector issue


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Hi folks,

Having an issue with my st205 pnp setup.

Got the car running on it fine with a set of blitz 850cc injectors and walbro 255 pump, set base timing and had it idling ok. Stopped it to check fluids etc but when we went to run it again the injectors seemed to be stuck open. 

1,2 and 3 cyl plugs where soaked and even with injection mode set to off it was filling the cylinders with fuel. 

Anyone got Any ideas on This? 

Got good continuity between injector plugs and ecu for the trigger wire. 

I have pulled the fuel pump relay and cranked her over whilst logging the data which is attached below.  Had the injectors out and tested on the bench, all seem to work fine and have now been refitted. 

Log 2018-04-10 9;51;39 pm.llg

Toyota Celica ST205 G4+ Xtreme Plugin s553tcv.pclr

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I dont see anything obvious in your log or map.  It is pretty unlikely that there is an injector drive problem but to confirm you can do a quick test to see if the ECU is holding the injector open.  Unplug an injector, put a test light or voltmeter across the two injector wires.  With key on, engine off it should read close to 0V or a test light will not be lit.  If you then turn on the injector test function your test light should flash, (or voltmeter should show some voltage).

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