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Variable Traction Control

Grant Baker

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I've a request from a customer who we do race support for...

Currently we have 2 traction levels setup using a DI switch, but he's requested a rotary multi-position dial to alter slip level.

Is this feasible? Link Fury BTW.

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I my car I run an 11 position rotary switch to adjust traction control,

I prefer the switch rather than just a potentiometer as I can see and feel the adjustments on the go.

I run the output to a AN Volt INPUT and run a 3d allocation table.

I did this as I had no idea what slip % to start with and could try a wider range of settings on the go.

After playing I now have it setup at 9% slip in mid position and a difference of 1% per click.

I find it works quite well.



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Can you guys that have traction control somewhat working, post the setup screen/values screenshot please so i can use as a starting point?

I have the 2 settings setup/button (traction off/traction on) for now but will go for multi setup once its figured out.


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