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Supercharged Lexus 3UZ

Paul Hassell

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Good morning all, 

We are about to start an engine swap project on a Land Rover Defender 110 where we are going to fit an early Lexus 1UZ (non vvt) with an Eaton 112 supercharger !

Has anybody on here got a 1UZ engine using Link, as we are not sure which ECU would be the most suitable.

Cheers in advance


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Yes we do!  We have one as one of the donkey engines on our dyno. The Storm would be my suggestion as for the minimum ECU to go for - 3 main reasons:

The Storm is our lowest cost ECU with Knock control.

The Storm is our lowest cost ECU with 8 injector and 8 Ignition drives.

The Storm is our lowest cost ECU that can drive the stock stepper motor idle valve.

There is a comparison table on this page here to highlight the main differences between our ECU models:  https://www.linkecu.com/products/ecu-comparison-chart/


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On 7/12/2018 at 12:47 AM, TeamJHR said:

Great, I have previous experience with the Storm, but am i correct in thinking the Storm does not accept fly by wire throttle ?

I thought the early 1UZ didnt have E-throttle?  Was I wrong there?


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I've just started building a custom 1UZ VVTi loom and specced an ECU for a customer replacing the standard setup (in a Triumph Stag), and with an Xtreme we quickly ran out of aux outputs.  The build is now going to use a Thunder.

To run the standard engine functions as implemented on the LS400, it will take at least 12 Aux outs from my calculations:-

VVT Bank 1

VVT Bank 2

Fuel Pump



Ethrottle Relay

Ethrottle +

Ethrottle -

Ethrottle Clutch (PWM 250Hz)

Check Engine Light

Oil Pressure Warning Light  

Fan  (Viscous on LS400, but I like to add electric for any conversion)


Adding Dual Lambda for both banks into the equation (and 3 axis accelerometer, high speed digital inputs, etc.)  it quickly makes sense to go for a Thunder.





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  • Adamw changed the title to Supercharged Lexus 3UZ
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Hi all,

I am also looking for info on which ecu is going to be best for a boosted 3UZ. I too am leaning towards a supercharger setup, looking at a harrop htv2300, but still haven’t ruled out a turbo as I like what Toyota did with their intake manifold and it is a little hard to part with. On that subject, is a channel allocated for the dual intake actuation?


If I did go the turbo route, is there room to run boost control? 


Also is there any way to have a cruise control setup if the car never had it?


its all going into an old Landcruiser with an auto (has its own standalone computer). Speed signal is available for the cruise control.


Thanks in advance!




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I have an eaton M122 supercharged 3uz-fe in my celica and am very happy with it.

Unopened wrecker engine of unknown km's

Link storm G4

10psi of boost

Mechanical throttle body

550cc injectors

Makes 304wkw @ 7300rpm and over 500nm of torque between 2250 and 4500rpm

Cheers Jappa


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On 12/30/2019 at 4:03 PM, Jappa said:

Now running 12lbs.  with a smaller blower pulley and nothing has come out the side. Yet......

Hey Jappa.

Bit of an old thread dig up and hijack. Hope you’re all doing well.


Is the Celica still going strong?


Did you get a chance to get it back on the dyno? 

I just got the 3UZ into the chassis. Now to build the rest of the car around it! Probably be another 2 years though. Haha. In the 2 years I have become supercharger obsessed. Thats the path Ive chosen. And decided on the Thunder!

how did the OP (Paul) go with the supercharged 3UZ in the defender?




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Celica is going great with zero issues, really enjoying the car

Haven't been back on the dyno as I have almost finished another engine to replace the wrecker spec one.                Forged pistons, good rods, kelford cams and springs, a lot of head work, meths/water injection, more boost and more revs and hoping for close to 600 whp.

No word on the defender, as you are well aware these things can soak up a lot of time. And money.

Cheers Jappa

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