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DBW Problem :


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Hello Guys,

ECU Thunder, Evo 8 4g63 engine with DBW conversion (Evo X pedal + Bosch 68mm E-Throttle)

I set the deadband to 0.0% (0.1% at idle is not acceptable )

The ecu can't reach the TP% requested....

For example... in the e-Throttle 1 table at 0% AP...i set 3% TP...

Then idle position set to 0.3%...

In some cases the ecu set TP to 3.4% (+0.1% that requested) other times 3.2%  (-0.1% that requested) sometimes 3.3% (as requested) but need much time to reach that TP%...

My dbw settings are :
- P = 9

- I =  0.145

- D = 35

Any advice ?



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Im in Open loop e-throttle...Closed loop is catastrophic!!!

Ignition Idle control help a little...but i want that the ecu reach always my e-throttle target table .

In my engine with big cams 0.1% sometimes change idle about 70-100rpm...so...deadband to 0.1% Is inacceptable.

I Need that the ecu can reach my e-throttle target tablet alway with 0.0% of deadband and with a correct Speed...sometimes ecu needs 4-6 secs ti reach target...sometimes cant reach target...sometimes off 0.1...0.2....0.3%...

I dont like this behavior ...i dont understand if the problem is PID or frequency or both...

I came from haltech elite...and no settings for dbw...after pedal and throttle calibration...the ecu manage dbw perfectly and very Easy...

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We would need a full log of what is happening around idle to see what is going on with the full map.

I think you might be expecting a bit much if it is on "big" cams and you are aiming to do the idle control on the throttle only. 

With no dead band any drift in TP sensor or even wear on the throttle is going to throw it out. 

Was the haltech on the same application?


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Tomorrow i post log and map...(in Italy now  11pm) 

With haltech same application...without any settings...Just calibration and target table...

Perfect Idle...TP follow target table fast and accuracy.

I understand that without deadband all is much more sensible...but 0.1% change my rpm idle...

I want to use 0.1% of deadband...but in this case i need an ecu that follow target table perfectly and fast in every condition...

I dont know if is PID problem or frequency problem...but this not happened unfortunately...

Can you have some advice with frequency and PID values  for Bosch Motorsport etb ? Is a Bosch throttle not with lambda connector...but with this type of connector :bosch-throttle-connector-1162-p%5Bekm%5D

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Now i using 500hz.

With Haltech elite 1500.. dont need PID settings...frequency default (i dont Remember)...only calibrate pedal and throttle and go.

I change to link because i need functions that haltech dont have...much more input/output..and to make experience with link platform that i think Is great.

I think that haltech Is better only in dbw management and some "drag racing feature" (like launch control and Rolling antilag that are two separeted functions)

For the rest (forum support, help file, Easy of use, afr stability, Motorsport functions, etc etc) for me the link Is superior!

I compare the two ecu because i think that for improve a function...Is good to see how other ecu manage that function... understand...and try something different.

mine was not meant to be a criticism but a cue to improve a function that I think other ecu manage better.

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Please attach a log and tune file, I'll take a look to see if we can offer any suggestions, but I suspect if 0.1% of throttle movement upsets your idle you will never get it right.

If your TPS voltage output is typical 1-4V, then 0.1% TP is only a 0.003v change, the 10bit analog inputs are just not accurate enough to measure any finer than that.  You will typically need idle ignition to take care of the fast corrections to idle speed and the throttle to take care of the bigger changes.

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