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AEM Uego reading not accurate to Dyno Bosch Sensor.


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I came across an issue that my AEM UEGO gauge is reading rich at 10.0AFR when under load on the dyno. Their Bosch Sensor reads 12.0 AFR at same load and RPM


My questions is I just noticed my ECU settings are set up as a Zeitronix ZT 3 when my gauge is a AEM Uego... 

Would this possibly be an issue or have some side effects?


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@Adamw @Adamwyes it does have a gauge. I will see if I can get the part number/photo

MFG: 30-4110
SKU: 146
Which seems to use the LSU 4.9 wideband sensor 

Unfortunately it does not match the dyno lambda. Mine shows way richer AFR


Example mine reads under 10.0 AFR and on dyno wideband it is leaner at 11.4 at full pull just where it should be! 

It use to read closer to the tune AFR and over time it got richer and richer but the car still pulled fine and hard and did not break up under boost which I thought it was strange because if it was this rich it would break up under boost! Hence why I wanted to get it checked and put back on the dyno. 

They told me it could be the gauge or sensor or earth connection having issues. 

I was trying to trouble shoot the ECU map file just to see if there is anything that sticks out and noticed these settings were like that mind you the current tuner has not touch this setting and it was presented by another previous tuner. 


This is the gauge I have. I also believe the wideband sensor has been changed somewhere along the lines. 



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If the value shown by the gauge itself is richer and not in line with the dyno, then it has nothing to do with earth connexion issue.

If the gauge itself shows same as dyno lambda but the ECU lambda value doesn't, then it can be a connexion issue or a calibration issue like Adam stated

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