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Live Digital Gauges during Log Playback


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Is there a reason the Digital Gauges are "disabled" during log playback and are only functional during live PC Connection?
Or is there a setting available to turn them on permanently?

I noticed this testing the Haltech ESP software - any configured "Digital Gauges" are live both during PC Connection/Vehicle Running and Log Playback.

As an example - it would make troubleshooting easier watching the Digital MAP Limit gauge *flash* as it does when vehicle is live, rather than trying to pick out "MAP Limit (psi)" vs "MAP Limit" from the parameter list and looking for a line "step" indication in a 60min log file.

Currently a whole page of Digital Gauges can be added - but these are immediately redundant once you disconnect from the ECU.


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Yes really hoping this is implemented in the software, the logging is actually very rich but am coming to Link from Nistune which had the ability to use gauges with log playback which as mentioned is really useful so assumed it was possible to do the same in PCLink, is it possible to request this as a feature request?

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