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gear display


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3 hours ago, dx4picco said:

Setup speed input

Set it to driven wheels

Make gear calibration

Put a digital gauge gear (status) 


okay so my tuner had these parameters set for gear what changes so i make too gear too show up? 



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@Adamw so here is my log i took of just driving around from 1st gear till 5th ..then again from stop 1st till 5th.

what should i do next to get my gears to display in the pc link softwear.

sorry had to use google drive as the file upload was bigger then allowed here.


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33 minutes ago, Confused said:

For anyone following here, I've been talking to Wheelspk on Facebook, where he also posted the same questions.

From that log, I've suggested the following:

No description available.


thanks man this has been a big help from you...will test this out and report back .

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