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map switching

neil brown

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Hi Neil,

It is possible to do this, but you will need to do it in conjunction with a Virtual Aux channel. For example, you could make Virtual Aux 1 switch on if Analog Voit 1 is reading 1 to 2v. Virtual Aux 1 would then activate Ign table 2, Fuel table 2, and Boost target table 2.

You will need to use a Virtual Aux channel for each 'position' of the Analog Volt channel rotary switch.

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The switch will give 6 different voltages.

With 3 virtual aux available you can have the equivalent of 3 DI inputs.

You would set the voltage conditions for each virtual aux to suit your switch and then select what you want switched based on the virtual aux.

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Simon is correct, you can only have 3 additional 'conditions' on top of your base tune.

Here is a quick little example video of how you might do it.


In the video if Analog Volt Input 1 sees 1.0 to 2.0 volts it will activate Virtual Aux 1, which will then switch on the 4D fuel table. If Analog Volt Input 1 sees 2.0 to 3.0 volts it will activate Virtual Aux 2, which will then switch on the 5D fuel table.

You can configure the Virtual Aux channels as required to suit the output voltage of your switch. You can also activate many other tables in addition to the 4D and 5D fuel tables.

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Have you test it so? Is it work? 

I have a g4+ xtreme, I want to install the ecu in winter. So what I can set in the software before, I will do it.. 


Yes, if you have a G4+ then it is a bit more flexible than the examples above as you now have 8 virtual auxiliaries and you can also directly use analog voltages as conditions for some tables etc.

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