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Thunder 12 Fuel


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Thanks for the reply Dave.

Do you know if this is something they are working on for the future? I really want to keep with the Link platform (love it) but need to run 12 injectors and batch is ... well ....1990.

Awesome new 3D idle btw - made my E85 idle / coldstart with 1650cc injectors almost better than stock ecu / injectors!


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Not an easy one to add to the thunder in its current format.

But will be a consideration for future development.

Since a 12 injector ecu may never be a big enough mover to justify a new hardware platform, another option might be firmware/software based solution that allows 2 ecus to be linked together in a master/slave configuration.  2 x Storms linked together would be a relatively cost effective option for those that need 16cyl sequential?

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