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Knock CEL


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Hey, I was curious if a knock CEL function could be added where the CEL will flash briefly in the event the ecu sees a knock event? Coming from the open source Subaru world, it was a really nice feature I miss. There were trigger points to help prevent the CEL from flashing for the smaller/false knocks.


Here is an Example


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I agree we do need better functionality to do this but what you can do now is set up the CE light aux as a GP output, you can give it a condition so it switches on when the knock level goes above a certain value.  Obviously this doesnt take target knock level into account though.

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Yes, that's a great solution for the G4X range, but doesn't help with the G4+. The G4+ has some great Knock control, which is highly configurable via the Knock Target Table, but no easy way to inform the user that it's occurring unless you've got a laptop hooked up or looking at a log file after the fact.

I think that having a "Knock > Target" parameter on an Aux Out would satisfy this nicely on the G4+.

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