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  1. 12.5 Ohm, so will use a relay. Thanks!
  2. Hi Guys! Hope all is well with you? The Honda VTEC solenoid found on the B18C engine (And others) needs 12v to switch. Can this be fired directly from a G4X pin (AUX 6) or does it need a relay?
  3. Ummm. I don’t. Sorry! Sleep deprived blonde moment!
  4. Thank you Adam. Which pin is 1 and which is 2?
  5. Hi Guys, Quick Question: On the Focus ST 225 / Volvo C30 T5 etc, the crank sensor is a 2 wire reluctor with Wht/Red (pin 1) and Brn/Red (pin 2) wires. Anybody know which is signal and which is earth? Google has let me down badly! LOL!
  6. Hi Guys, Does anybody have any information on this coil: It's from an E46 M3. 0221504464 Just wondering if it can be directly driven from the Link Ignition drivers, and if wiring information is available! Thanks
  7. Hi, I've noticed that the MXS dash with GPS attached says "No nearby tracks" when driving around the street. That's fine... Would expect that! How do you configure each track with start/finish lines etc? Does it automatically do this when it senses a nearby track?
  8. Hi there, We have a little project here that is using BMW E90 hubs and wheel speed sensors. It does not have the ABS unit connected though. Wheel speed sensors are Bosch 0986594572 and are brand new. Initially connected to a thunder (DI 11) with DI11+ and DI11- No signal.... So I've got a spare hub and sensor and no combination of 12v pull ups, earths, etc etc will give us any signal on my scope! Anybody know how the heck to get the sensor to give some sort of signal?? Thanks! PS. Also tried an Audi (also Bosch) wheel speed (ABS) sensor and have the same
  9. Thanks Adam. Do you know of one that IS suitable?
  10. Do you think this one will work ok? https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/solid-state-relays/4914947/ And, do you need a pull-up resistor? I notice Haltech supply one with the relay they sell... https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-030202-solid-state-relay-100-amp/
  11. Hi Guys, Interested in if the numbers in the Help file are useful for Oygenated fuels / Race Fuels? This is what the Help File says: Fuel Density Temperature Coefficients by Fuel type: Fuel Type FDTC (1/deg C) Petrol (Gasoline) 0.00095 Ethanol 0.00109 Methanol 0.00149 Would something like a Sunoco Race Fuel (102 RON, 3.7% Oxyg
  12. Do you have a link to this item?
  13. Hi. Did you sort this? I'm wondering what sort of Solid State Relay people are using?
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