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  1. Store Failed

    Will check first thing tomorrow. Have had it on another ECU a few years ago. Different laptop. This ECU has done it since first install. Had it back recently for a tweak and updated firmware while it was in just in case, but made no difference. Thank you.
  2. Store Failed

    Yes. That’s correct
  3. Store Failed

    Hi Guys, EVO 4-8 Plugin.... Every time a store is made we get the error "Store Failed". It hasn't failed - ECU has updated pcl in it, but it's really annoying! On latest firmware and software. Any ideas?
  4. VAG E-Throttle PID Settings

    Will test in the morning. Thanks.
  5. VAG E-Throttle PID Settings

    Bump... Anybody know anything? Got a really annoying pulsing at idle from time to time. AFR is steady, Ignition is steady, but RPM oscillating up and down. It jumps at least 300 RPM above and below target.
  6. Best mapper in south for 2.5 Subaru

    When you say South, do you mean UK?
  7. 1zz VVTI un-resonsive

    Just to update this... there is a break in the 12v supply to the solenoid. Although it gets 10.7v, it’s not able to supply much current. A new 12v feed has cured the problem.
  8. VAG E-Throttle PID Settings

    Hi, Just a quick one... In the TT Base File, the PID settings etc for the Ethrottle are as follows: P=7.00, I=0.137, D=40.00 The "VDO" Ethrottle PIDs are: P=8.00, I=0.102, D=30.00 Does anybody have some good PID settings for these bodies? Specifically the Audi S4 1.8T 65mm Body.
  9. Denso type ISC valve problem

    I have just set up this exact ISCV. Centre pin is 12v, one pin is constant earth, other is PWM (ISCV Solenoid) at ECU. Works really well.
  10. 1NZ-FE VVTI Operation

    Hi Guys Has anybody played around with the 1NZ-FE (Yaris) VVTi operation? Just playing with a turbo converted one!
  11. CAN Lambda / Resistor

    Thanks. Resistor is looped around to join the ends of the trunk 30mm past the CAN LAMBDA. Also getting lots of CAN errors. Will check the twisting tomorrow morning but that is correct iirc.
  12. CAN Lambda / Resistor

    Resistor added. Interesting while setting this up and following the manual for CAN setup, had an issue. In the CAN Devices tab, I selected the CAN Lambda, then tried to update the speed to 1mb/s (from 500mb/s). Then proceeded to "send". It said it failed and to cycle power, which I did by unplugging the connector and reconnecting. Tried it several times but it didn't succeed, so had to alter the main bit rate on the CAN Connection to 500mb/s. Anybody else had this?
  13. CAN Lambda / Resistor

    Hi Guys, Have searched for this, but not come up with a definitive answer... When installing a CAN Lambda on a wire-in or plug-in ECU, do you need a terminating resistor? It doesn't say in the instructions, but in the help files, it does indicate that it would be needed...
  14. 20vt engine - maps

    will be tuning a 20VT with a T34 next week...
  15. Interpolation "OFF" option

    I hardly ever touch DTA my friend... Just doing one recently with INTER off and the Pot boxes reminded me how good some features are... I always work ahead anyway as well...