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  1. Hi Adam. Thank you for the suggestions, problem is now solved, for some reason the person that wired the harness (names shall not be known) wired the CAS ground to signal ground instead of chassis ground, easy fix. Now rpm under cranking is reading around the 280 rpm mark.
  2. Hi Adam. As requested, i have attached both my tune pclr file and a log of the triggerscope while cranking. VH45DET Crank_RPM Limit.llg Nissan Patrol GU 98 VH45DE Turbo Fury ECU.pclr
  3. Hi All. I am having some trigger issues with my VH45 swapped Nissan Patrol. I am at the stage of setting timing trigger offset, but i am getting errors with the rpm when cranking, when doing so it spikes and i get an RPM limit activated error. I am no longer using the factory CAS disc, i have converted to a AEM 24-1 trigger disc. I have tried trigger filtering but this makes things worse. Anyone got any ideas what could be going wrong.
  4. Bunchy1995

    VH45 Base Map

    Hi All. Is there anyone that has a base fuel and ignition maps for a VH45, just need something to fill in the tables before i put it on the dyno and get it tuned (need maps to get the car idling nicely) If it helps, here is the setup. Cheers
  5. Hi I am wanting to to use this ECU Master Can Switch Board in conjunction with a Link G4+ Fury ECU. switchboardManual.pdf Will the messages sent by it be able to be read by the ECU. I am wanting to use it for pitlane limiter, traction control disable, ALS, launch control, etc with rotary potentiometers to adjust boost levels, traction control slip, DBW sensitivity, etc.
  6. Thanks Adam, so i can disable the pull-up on the trigger setup, due to the sensor having an internal pull-up
  7. Honeywell LCZ260 Hall Effect Sensor - 4.5 to 26 V dc - 20mA
  8. Yes, thanks Adam, that helps greatly. do i need to run a resistor between switched 12V power and signal or will the pullup resistor on the ecu control this.
  9. Hi I am currently converting my distributor style to coil on plug and wanting to control trigger inputs through a 12 tooth crank wheel with a hall effect sensor and a single pulse cam position with a hall effect sensor. Just wanting to know what the pinout is for both trigger one and trigger 2
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