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Traction control issue set up


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I've just got traction control wired up on my fury. 

Car is a97 supra vvti .

Has the 4 channe abs system. 

There was 4 wires from the abs feeding into the oem ecu.

So I've wired up one front wheel and one rear wheel to digital inputs. 

When tc is enabled car stalls on movement. 

I'm out of di to wire up any more wheel sensors..

Another issue in being told is that the fury is not going to be perfect for my supra as its limited to 500hz .

I wish i knew about the thunder coming out and this issue before upgrading from my vipec v88.

Anyway I'll happy to use it to its limits. 

Unless someone wants to buy the fury off me.


I've attached the pcl file. 




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I just took a quick look over purely your TC settings. RPM lockout, TP low lockout and Speed lockout don't appear to be sensible values to me.  I have never set up TC with a G4+ before so I'm stabbing in the dark a little but I would suggest starting with values around 2000RPM, 30%TP & 30Kph and tune from there.

Edit: sorry Scott, I see you must have posted as I was typing mine...

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ok stalling was because the lock out settings where too low. thats solved.


Im doing the wheel caliobration in the help files it says  (Number of Sensor Teeth / Wheel Diameter) * 31.83.  Note that wheel diameter is in meters  the teeth are 48 the diameter of the wheel is 2014  so im presuming thats 48 teeth x 31.83 which equals 1527 ?

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Given you have a tooth count of 48 I suspect the frequency is going to get to high for the digital input.

The input can only reach 500Hz

Roughly you will reach this frequency at 125kmh (Given a wheel of 0.6m diameter)

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0.67 and 0.65 is what I've got


So calibration numbers of 2280 and 2351 should work for you.

Because of the 500Hz max input on the digital input channels I think your traction control is going to be a little less than Simon estimated.

500 Hz / 48 teeth = 10.4167 wheel revolutions per seconds.

For your wheel with 0.67 diameter you have a circumference of 2.04m, so you can do up to 21.2501 meters per second (10.4167*2.04), which is 76.5 km/h

For your wheel with 0.65 diameter you have a circumference of 2.10m, so you can do up to 21.2501 meters per second (10.4167*2.10), which is 78.8 km/h

Keep an eye on the ECU when getting above this speed. Ideally you would want to reduce the amount of teeth.

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Not great news at all. 

Sounds like i should just can the idea. As it seems the system was only designed to be run with a specific number of teeth. 


Either that or i have to sell this and go the thunder which i sort of can't be stuffed going through another wire job etc. Was really hoping that when i upgraded from the v88 this would be the ultimate for my setup turns out its not. 

Thanks for your help anyway


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Hi Muz,

Are the wheel discs band sensors still being used for ABS? If not then one option would be to chop 2 out of every teeth off the wheel. This would then bring you down to 16 teeth, which means you could go 3 times higher in your wheel speeds.

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Also, you could use a frequency divider.  Something like this would do it without breaking the bank and should still allow ABS to work (will need one for front and one for rear):



cheers mate 


so I would need two of these ? any idea hwat speeds this will allow me to get to ? amazing whats out there these days :)

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  • 1 year later...

All I've wired in signal splitters to reduce the teeth count from 48 to 12

So I've divided it down by 4.


I've also changed wheel diameters. 

Front 61

Rear 62.5

I need to work out the values I need to input into the software. 

Would appreciate some help here as I'm wanting to do some testing on it and maybe get it working for the nulon nationals at Bathurst this weekend. 


Cheers in advance 

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