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Table graph view


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You can zoom with the mouse scroll function. If you don't have a full scale mouse attached to your laptop, most laptops have a scroll fucntion built into the mouse pad. This is usually a bar on the right hand side of the mouse pad, on mac you use a two finger gesture. Sorry I was unable to make this a keyboard shortcut.

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switching between 3D and 2D table with 3D map is very usefull function. I can make my maps smooth, I am able to see how my ignition rises with RPM, how look engine VE at certain boost for example.

Yes, I agree with this comment.  Although it is not something I sorely miss and cant do without, it would be useful.  Some call this "slice view"  With many other brands ECU software since the 3d graph view is quite basic this feature is not needed as much - you can just rotate the graph so you are perpendicular to the axis that you want to look at and the shape of the "row" or "column" is already quite clear.  However with PClink 3D graphs they have some 3D "vanishing point perspective" as well as odd scaling that means no matter how you rotate it, it is difficult to get a quick feel for the shape of the rows/columns.

I could possibly post a couple of examples later if needed.

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