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Clear Fault Code over CAN or ECU Input


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I would like to have a function clear fault codes which can be activated over an ECU Input or over CAN. 

We set up customer Dashes that every fault code is shown as plain text message. It will be good that the customer can clear the fault code with a press on the Dash or an external switch. 

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9 hours ago, TECH12 said:

Can you repost this .PNG it's not showing up any longer


It still shows for me and Simon.  Is it still not visible to you today?  Most of my pics are hosted on imgur, so maybe it is blocked in some countries or something?  I have attached it direct to the forum below.


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2 hours ago, Dean said:

Is there a way to do this with an E-throttle? When the car is stalled, the throttle body (and TPS) doesn’t move with the pedal input. 


- Link Fury, V35 pedal and throttle body

Yeah you are right, that was probably overlooked when that function was designed, we should really look at AP position when E-throttle is enabled.  I will get that on the fixit list.  You could make it work by changing the E-throttle "when stalled" setting to Run.

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