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More logging memory?


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Hi team,

I'm about to purchase a Link Thunder Ecu. It has many more inputs than the other ECU's but the logging memory is the same as the Fury.

Is there any way or are there any plans to increase the logging memory capacity?

If I want to compete in 1 hour or 3 hour racing, the memory will be full before the end of the race.

Cheers, Mike

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it seems like they still cant do much on that part but if you were to connect a windows tablet and install the pclink, you could log as must as you want until it has no memory left.

Im also waiting on the Thunder from upgrading the xtreme.

It should be interesting to see what links come up with the thunder capability in the future !

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Or you can connect a Dash or any other CAN based logger. This way it should be possible to log 80 channels am more with a high logging rate. 

Simon can you pleas elaborate what data rates are the values sent to  CAN-Bus and how many channels are possible with CAN. As an example with a custome CAN tamplet and Racetechnology Dash 2 pro ? 

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Giving this one another bump to see if it could be improved.

It's one area I would like to see improved as I am a big fan of the Link product but am finding it is lagging behind the competition.


The AEM Infinity can log at 1000hz and the Haltech Elite can even do 200hz.

Both also do logging to an external usb drive.


With modern ecus doing more than just running the engine having quality logging is becoming a very important factor when considering an ecu.

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For the price and feature set, I am truly impressed with the G4+ product range... as mentioned earlier, the CAN Bus can operate at 1MHz (1000 samples), and an external dash logger, or daq system would provide you with even more channels of data.  With the AEM, you have to use their separate software package, AEMData, for reviewing stored logs.  Which negates any true benefit of their logging abilities unless you have a PC connected during use anyway...  Not to mention the rather limited supported trigger configs, and not having the ability for user configured trigger setups anymore... PCLink shines for the logging being integrated into the ecu gateway software.  I can't speak on the Haltech as my experience was only during the E(x) product range....

Of course, pushing for updated features is never bad, the G4+ product range has been around for several years, there is only so much that can be done for existing hardware.

As I'm sure you've found, nothing can touch the Thunder for I/O given the price... the lack of on board memory surely should not be a major issue given all parameters can be logged during use with a connected device running PCLink software!

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I think Link has hit the sweet spot of great features at a good price point but the logging is the weak point.

IMO the onboard logging needs to have more memory and be able to do atleast 200hz

The issue with logging to pc is you are limited to 40hz.

Adding an external datalogger is an option however my preference is to use a single device and the extra cost of a logger would make it more economical to move to a more expensive ecu that has the ability to do the logging required.

The Link ecus are good, just giving some feedback on an area that will improve the product.

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