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  1. They're parameters I haven't logged so couldn't say, will add them to the list for next time, what should I expect to see on them?
  2. I have a G4+ Plugin ECU w/CAN-Lambda connected via a NZEFI CAN cable that is not connecting all the time, sometimes it'll be fine, others it's not, I have it wired to power up at the same time as the ECU to minimise the chance of a timeout event for device detection, and when it's not connected it still detects it in the PCLink software. Any ideas?
  3. I had this issue yesterday, is there any definitive fix for it?
  4. Had a Seal Autocross yesterday, we developed a issue where halfway through the course the car wouldn't go over 3000rpm without hesitating and backfiring, it would come right after the run, and wouldn't manifest itself until the same point on the next run. At the end of the day when we got home I went to pull the logs from the ecu to see if I could get some clues as to its cause but my logging memory was empty aside from a four minute log from what it recorded when I took the car off the trailer and put it in the garage. Any ideas what would cause this?, ecu logging is set to run at 1
  5. Sounds like it's backfeeding through the Aux?, perhaps add a relay into the equation?
  6. Have you made any physical changes, or just software configuration?
  7. Canbus stubs can be quite a bit longer, most modern cars are a veritable spiders web of the things!
  8. I'm just running mine off its battery for the moment but will eventually run it through a OTG setup, I'm just going to make my own - a OTG cable is nothing special, it's 4 wires, two for data, two for power with the power negative tied into the sensing pin at the device end. It means I can use some decent cable that will stand up to vibration better than one made in a factory for 5c.
  9. Monsterbishi

    Mixture Map

    You probably have some extra log data loaded on one of the machines.
  10. The first order of business is to test the components you have, there's no point in getting out the Visa card until you know whether something actually needs replacing. What is the Wideband/Lambda value doing immediately prior to when the issue presents itself?
  11. As far as tuning goes, what functional differences are there between using the mixture map and the quick trim feature?
  12. There's not much point in even looking at what your boost controller is showing until you sort out where the misfire is coming from, test all the ignition components and then work from there, have you determined whether it is one specific cylinder that is misfiring?
  13. I'd look at the plug gap first, what did you gap them to when you installed them? There are a lot of parts manuals out there that wrongly specify a plug that has a 1.1mm/0.043" gap - it should be between 0.7mm/0.028" to 0.8mm/0.032" We used to run 29psi through our 4g63 powered Mirage with a 0.8mm gap.
  14. Looks like it's blowing out the candles, as it were - what happens when you dial the boost down?
  15. Now that's an idea! I wonder what other goodies I could get them to connect at the same time - the daughterboard is essentially a Extreme isn't it?
  16. It's running my 302w at the moment so I'm bouncing around ideas to see what I can get it to do in the off season
  17. I have a Mazda MX5 Plugin G4+ and have a question about the pinout on it - for the Ign outputs, IGN 1,2,3 and 4 are listed on the main pinout, IGN 7 & 8 are listed as being on Expansion Connector 2, but there is no mention of Ign 5 & 6 at all, are these available for use anywhere or is it one of the physical limitations of the MX5 plugin ECU?
  18. The most common one I come across is that once you've got the ecu re-configured you need to power cycle the ecu, ie pull it's fuse - a normal key off power cycle won't do the job. Failing that, find a Android device that it works with then use those settings on the Windows version of realdash.
  19. Can Lambda manual which includes the pinout: https://linkecu.com/documentation/canlambda.pdf
  20. Your post is somewhat lacking in information, ie what car, cluster, ecu, etc.
  21. I'd say the biggest problem is the tuner, after five months you'd expect all and any issues identified and/or solved.
  22. Picked up a G4+ CAN Lambda unit this week, I see in the instructions that it says to install the sensor at least one metre downstream to avoid overheating the sensor. I was planning on using the factory O2 sensor location but it is situated circa 500mm downstream of the engine (NA 302 windsor) - should I weld the supplied boss further downstream or just use the factory location?
  23. I use a windows tablet, I have my power saving options set to keep the display on when on USB power and turn off the display and then shutdown the tablet asap when it's running on battery, so when I turn the car off the tablet shuts down shortly thereafter.
  24. Or a separate power supply.
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