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Innovate Wideband LC-2 VS MTX-L


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Hi all, 


I have previously emailed link via the "contact us" but I'm still waiting a reply months later so I said I'd post it here and I might find a solution to my question.


Link recommend using a innovative lc2 wideband controller, innovative have released a newer wideband controller /gauge using the same bosch 4.9 sensor. The only difference I can see between the two wideband is the lc2 has an external contoller nd gauge is seperate, where as the mtx-l the controller is built into the gauge.


Can I use the newer innovative mtx-l with my g4+ storm (blue case) or must I use the lc2? 





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I have the MXT-L and I'm very happy with it. An advantage over the LC-2 is that when calibrating you can see what's going on, not to mention the option of seeing that all is well when using the car. I've mounted mine in the glovebox so it's not on display at all times :) 


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Can you use the ground wire (along with the signal wire) on the original O2 plug (Mini Cooper) or is it best practice to use a direct ground back to the ECU ground point? There some discussion/concern about the  accuracy of the Wideband if any ground other than the ECU is used!!!

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Are there any options for CAN wideband sensors with the G4+

Yes, There are some CAN receive templates in pclink already for some of the common ones; Motec LTC, Ecotrons, AEM X Series.  The CAN configuration is flexible enough to allow you to receive any CAN wideband stream that I know of if you have your eyes on some other brand. 

Also Link have their own CAN Lambda controller coming out soon if you are not in a hurry. 

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