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Mixture map defined by log window


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This seems to be a long waited feature. Any actual plans to incorporate this into a new release?

+1 from me along with some more log manipulation functions like

  • "save as" only a section of the log. (marked in the log markers or only displayed on the screen)
  • cut out/delete a section of a log and save it like that (to remove transient sections maybe, so mixture map could be used a little more targeted)
  • easier retrospective log marker or log section creation. shortcut key B does not place a marker in the log if it is used during log playback. Maybe make the log marker window not a popup, rather an individual section like ECU Settings, Log manager, event log and parameters. This would help creating markers and sections much easier when pinned to the left of the screen as it would allow navigating through the log file and creating markers in two clicks pretty much.
  • customizable number of entries (maybe with a sampling rate as well) to use in Mixture map to calculate the actual lambda as right now it is only the first 1000 data points that are used which is not too useful for long duration logs like cold start and warm up
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+1 for me too.


From my limited knowledge and experience of using the Link software this would be very useful for the DIY tuner, using logs of real road testing, to select meaningful data from the logs.





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On 7/2/2022 at 9:01 AM, Adamw said:

Yeah I agree, Im pretty sure it is on the to do list.  I will check again and put a bit more weight on it if I can.  It will likely only be done in G4X software though.  

Sounds like a bug that needs fixing on G4+ to me, can't be that hard! :rolleyes::ph34r:

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