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  2. your log is full of basically the same value as far as I can see. I have noticed in the past that the logging will "hold" and sit on the last value if the screen/pc goes to sleep. What are your power management settings on the tablet?
  3. I'm glad to someone else has blazed this path! I'm very new to all of this and the learning curve has been steep. That 1k pull-up resistor is interesting. I've never seen it used for PWM on anything else, but I bet it makes for a much cleaner signal coming from the ECU... How big of flyback are you using? I know when it's going to a solenoid, it's supposed to be rated for the amperage that it takes to operate the solenoid. But that's not really feasible with pumps drawing 20+ amps and fans drawing 40+ amps...
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  5. So how i know? What about triggers,map sensor,tps?
  6. Depends on vehicle, which sensors/actuators, wiring, and what you're trying to achieve.
  7. The Crydom DC-series SSR's work fine, I've been running my 450's off one all last year with no problems. But yes you do need a flyback diode at the pumps. ( 2x450's off one 60A ) I've a 3rd in tank pump if need be and a 100A relay sitting if and when I do need to use it And in no way whatsoever is the little Hella relay suitable for such a purpose, even from the standpoint of coping with the current of such a pump, nevermind trying to pwm it too. Haltech offer this drawing and is how I use mine with Syvecs. Although a high frequency would probably be better with a proper controller, it does seem SSR's dont really enjoy being pushed in this way. I found mine happy around 200Hz. https://www.haltech.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/SSR_Power_SW_Web.pdf I do use one of the Hella SSR relays for my water injection though.
  8. Any time you're running an inductive load it's a good idea to use a flyback diode. It'll even help normal relays last longer by saving the contacts from extra arc burn. I'm wondering if anybody has tried these Crydom SSR's? They have a huge current capacity, accept PWM, they isolate the ECU from any noise from the load with a optocoupler, and you can pick up a heat sync for cheap on amazon. I ordered two 60a (overkill, but they were unused old stock for 40% off) ones off eBay and am going to test them with a fuel pump and cooling fan with PWM from the ECU. But I will definitely be using some big diodes to protect them. They even have a wiring diagram showing how to wire the diode for an inductive load. I'm still waiting on delivery but I'll try and report back when I see how they work.
  9. Hi Adam Cheers for the reply, i found the issue and it was nothing to do with settings. I tried another 3.5MM lead but this one was a 3 ring instead of a 2. Turns out even if you push the 2 ring 3.5MM lead into the port so it clicks it wont work, i had to pull it out slightly. Something so simple.
  10. Hi all,200419.llg I have just updated to the latest PCl200419 v2.pclrink software, just been out for 2 runs to log the data, just got back and dropped the log data into the file to look at the mixture map, only 1 cell is showing with data? Previously the whole mixture map was showing so I could see where I needed to correct fuel. I have a fair amount of data showing on the log file but it looks like I now have to check manually through every cell to be able to see what my fueling was like - this is a rather backwards step! Not sure whats wrong with the setup - have attached the log and map file - can anyone see what I am doing wrong? I am using a tablet to log the data, does it matter at all that the screen is off when logging? Seems to have a full log of data but can't see to get it to correctly show all of it in the mixture map?
  11. Hello guys. I have a question about Knock frequency filters. If our frequency centered according to spectrogram at let's say 9.7 khz or something like that. We must choose 10khz at software because it's closer to 9.7khz? Or if we choose 10khz the Ecu sees only 10khz-10.99khz. At 9khz 9-9.99khz etc?
  12. Hi guys ,which is the correct way of wiring link ecu as piggyback? Spliting the signals from the factory ecu to the piggyback or cutting the connection between the factory ecu and connecting the needed wires directly to the piggyback?. Thanks.
  13. Something like this will probably get you closer.
  14. thanks for fast reply, here is log and map kjula29juni2013.pcl 10.63.llg
  15. Slight tweak to pic...
  16. Thanks for the feedback Adam, much appreciated. I did see the pic you mentioned and also saw the HPA webinar explaining about it which was very good. It took me a while to understand the various terms, hence I produced my pic to aid my understanding. Does my revised pic look correct now: Please could you also comment on my setup, screenshot and files attached. 682.llg 682.pclr
  17. Ok, I think you will be out of luck in that case, this is not an ecu I have seen before. Someone like wiring specialities may be able to make an adapter loom if the header plug is available.
  18. Yep, if you are using modelled mode then you will want the IAT trim table to be mostly zeros with just some trim in the top right corner.
  19. Yes, pretty much the same. The conditions for GP Outputs (used for the warning light) arent quite as complete in the G4 but you will be able to acheive something similar.
  20. Can i do the same thing with a link G4? regards!!!
  21. No it has a 64 pin plug/ 4separate plugs. The car is a factory 20e manual. The website only lists compatibility with the twin cam motors.
  22. Last week
  23. Its a GM sensor but stock location. The actual sensor tip does protrude into the manifold air path. I read about the IAT trim table in another post from awhile back. If i select this ON, would i start with zero'ing out the entire table and try adding some values in the 0% TPS / higher IAT areas first?
  24. So there should be no difference in that case if you are comparing a G4 to a G3 with G4 firmware running the same map. All the important hardware is the same between the G3 & G4.
  25. A single screenshot does not give anywhere near enough info. You need to post a copy of your tune and preferably a PC log of it on the limiter.
  26. Did you not see the picture below in the help file? Yours doesnt seem to show that there is no limiting below the control range and that the start cut is different for WOT than smaller throttle openings.
  27. Yes the shape will be similar but the numbers will likely be quite different. The fuel table will need to be re-tuned.
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