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  2. Those are “gen 3” cars, Link does not make an ECU For the Gen 3’s. The Link WRX107 ecu is for gen 2 cars which have a chassis code GG. Most of the dash, abs, climate control and center diff won’t work in a Gen 3 as it’s all controlled by CAN.
  3. Fantastic! Thanks very much Adam. I had to reread slowly but I understand. I may have scope to do it this way. As you say, the other way I proposed (thanks for confirming this is suitable by the way) will likely do the job, but great to know the other option is there if that flexibility is required. I really need to run it on the road and see how much additional airflow is required when AC is on. On my old setup AC pressures would build up unacceptably at low road speeds hence me wanting to get the fan to help, but only to the extent necessary.
  4. Hi, 2008 WRX JF1GHEKD38G018136 2008 WRX STI JF1GRFKH38G018895
  5. Thank you very much for the feedback! Both of these cars are v2007. If anyone can chime on on ABS information I would be forever grateful.
  6. Not sure if this has been asked for already, but is it possible to allow user controlled assignment of the X axis in cal tables 7-10. The option is almost there but greyed out. For instance, I would like to assign the X axis to a can voltage and then output kPa for MAP. Thanks, Richard.
  7. I think your first proposal above should do it fine. It is usually best to keep things as simple as possible, considering 99% of cars get away with just on/off control for an engine fan you are possibly over thinking it... If you really want to, depending on how many IO you have spare, you can do a bit of a hack to get a 4D PWM. A bit hard to explain, but an example below. You need to use two GP PWM aux outputs. One controls the fan directly, the other is just wired direct to a digital input. This Aux we set the DC table to a flat 50%, and instead use the frequency table as our 4D (this is because a DI cant measure DC but can measure frequency). We use the DI to measure the frequency then put that on the axis of the fan control PWM table. Set the DI to "GP Speed" with a calibration of 360. (its reported speed will then match frequency). Example below, Aux 1 is wired to DI1. Aux 1 frequency table generates a frequency between 10-100Hz based on road speed and ECT variables. Aux 2 DC table then has the AC request on one axis and the DI frequency on the other. You can see in this example my fan would get 20% more DC when air con is on and would still vary with road speed and ECT.
  8. Ok, this will switch on an aux output (ground) whenever RPM is below 1200RPM.
  9. Adamw

    Boost Control

    I would suggest to start with, change the target table so that the rows are flat right across the RPM range like pic below, PID is easier to tune initially if the target is stable. Also, I would half the proportional and derivative numbers that you currently have and give it a bit more stage 3 delay, maybe 0.5s. Do us another log with those changes and hopefully it will be clearer what we need to change.
  10. Rather than start a new topic, I'll ask here. Should I expect to see up to 3 degrees of LH exhaust cam position change when revving from 1200rpm to 2000rpm. I've done the cam angle test and it's showing between 159 - 163 as the lowest number. Is it an issue that it's wondering? log and tune attached. subaru run 3.llg 17 07 19 subaru new injectors & vvti set up.pclr
  11. Yes is mean ground ^^ or 5V+ is also possible
  12. Im not sure what "permanent mass" means, I think maybe a bad translation. Do you mean ground?
  13. OK thanks for the information to the injector drives. I will do it To the throttle body. I only need a permanent mass or 5V+ signal for this setup. The permanent signal must be switched on up to 1200rpm. How can i control this in the Link?
  14. In Group staged injection mode, odd numbered drives work as primary and even numbered drives are secondary. So two primary injectors should be wired to Inj drive 1, two pri injectors to Inj drive 3. Secondaries to inj drives 2 & 4. Im not sure I understand your question about the throttle, but the Storm cant control electronic throttle directly.
  15. Yeah, its all CAN bus in the gen 3 cars, our plug in ECU is not designed for these cars. There will be lots of other stuff besides the temp gauge that wont work - DCCD etc.
  16. The wiring diagram i'm looking at for 2008 WRX's shows the temp gauge on the dash as canbus. http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/Impreza/2008/Impreza 2008/ The diagram you have matches what i've got for a 2007 model. As long as you have the 2007 version of the ECU, the CAN pins are free (plug C 27 & 35) so you could de-pin them from the main connector and wire them up to the canbus pins on the ECU. I'd be hesitant to just bridge onto the wires as even though they are unused, only the link guys could tell you if they are still physically wired to something. If you have the 2006 spec ECU, one of those pins is ANVolt5 so you would lose this input by doing this. Theres a pretty good chance these use the same device ID's as the legacy's of similar years, and so if you wire up the canbus pins and transmit a user defined stream on ID 600, @ 20hz with bit 3 set to ECT +40 it should make the temp gauge work There are a other parameters transmitted via CAN to get the whole dash to work however. This guy has a good starting point but if you want everything to work you will need to do some testing & captures with your own vehicle with the factory ECU installed. https://subdiesel.wordpress.com/ecu-analysis/can-messages I suspect you wont see vehicle speed registered in the ECU out of the box either - the abs unit feeds the dash, but expects the ECM to receive this via CAN. Either set the ECU to receive this on the right ID, or jumper into the Pink/Green wire (pin31 on the dash or pin5 in the OP connector) to get a traditional VSS signal on whatever DI the ECU used to receive VSS on with the older models. Receive VSS is probably 16 bits on ID512 on bytes 3 & 2 (byte 3 is the bigger half of the number), and the value sent is 16x the actual value, so a received value of 1000 = 62.5kph. FYI the reason it goes full hot is because the temp gauge wires to the ECU (so this should read right), then ECU sends CAN to the body computer, and the body computer sends CAN (on a different bus) to the gauges. Error state for that second temp message is 0xFF (ie as hot as it can read), and because the body computer isnt getting a signal from the ECU, it's in error state. I suspect your ABS warning is because of a similar lack of canbus comms from the ECU to the ABS unit, but i'm not sure which value you will need to send to keep it happy.
  17. Hello from Germany, i have a question to the group staged injection. The 4 700cc primary injectors are in the cylinder head and the 4 375cc secondary inejctors are before te throttle bodys. How should i connect the injectors to the ECU? I use the G4+ Storm with 4 Injector channels. The second thing is a problem with the AUX. I have isntalled a electrical throttle body to my supercharcher to reduce the air at startup and idl. How should i connect the throttle body to the ECU? The mass or 5V+ signal must be shwitched on at startup and up to 1200rpm. How is this possible? I hope you have an idea for me? Greetings from germany
  18. smukc

    Low voltage at ECU

    Yes i was mesuring on the same ground (attached to chasis )
  19. Hi Everyone, I have 2 x WRX 2008 models here one is an sti and the other a normal wrx. I have used the wrxv107+ ecu. Both cars have the same 2 issues. ABS light on the dash that I can't get rid of and coolant temp gauges rear maxed out on the factory dash. I have attached the O.e wiring information. It looks like the temp senders feed information directly to the dash so I don't understand why they are both having coolant temp gauge issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if you have wired in extremes or thunders into these later models cars and can shed some information that would be awesome. Cheers, Adam 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5L Non Turbo 2.pdf
  20. Rami

    E36 m3 turbo g4+ help

    Dear so my car is tuned and runs beautifully at first then the next day I started it up and the car struggle to maintain cold start rpm fluctuate And bounces all over then it settles and when it’s warmed up I drove it seems fine until I want to down shift or if I pressed the clutch the car stalls or feels it’s gonna stall can’t find any vacuum leak and now it’s idling on 500 rpm for some reason can someone help me
  21. cj

    Cruise Control PID

    grab a log while this is happening and check for the following to determine if its a problem with the throttle body control, or further up the stack. TP target % vehicle speed (may be LR wheel speed or similar) TP main % MAP If TP target % is moving up and down in time with the behaviour you are describing, then the ECU is changing what its actually requesting and the problem is further up. If TP target is constant, but TP main % jumps around in time with your problem then its a PID control issue. Also, make sure MAP & vss show some kind of change to match the feeling you describe. If the ECU isnt showing speed changes or load(MAP) changes, at all, then it might be something outside of the ECU entirely (abs, alignment, tyres, etc)
  22. Cool - although I thought I had tried that a few months ago and just got 0 in the logs. There isn't any other configuration I need to enter to get it to work?
  23. MGP is the parameter you are looking for.
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